“Middle Mania” – The Middle School Class of Bartlett UPC

MIDDLE MANIA exists to bridge the gap between Sunday School (Grades K-5) and RE Youth (Grades 9 through College).  It serves students from ages 11 to 13.

Even before the age of 11, students are exposed to a growing number of spiritual and moral conflicts. Between the ages of 11 and 13, students begin to transition into adulthood attempting to answer the questions of “Who Am I?” and “What Am I Doing Here?”.  A student in this age group is acutely sensitive to the opinions of peers and older students.  The desire to separate from parents takes root in the student’s mind.  Choices evolve from childhood ignorance to conscious-driven decisions.  The culmination of these internal and external forces present dire needs in the hearts and minds of students. Our church deeply cares for the needs of these students so we have created “Middle Mania.”

Middle Mania provides Biblical and Spiritual answers to the growing list of questions in these young students’ minds.  We address and re-address the basic tenets of Christianity as well as introducing Apostolic doctrine in a student-friendly manner.  Students not only learn doctrinal elements but also learn how to feed themselves spiritually.  Middle Mania offers a place of safety for students to ask questions without any fear.  Trusting relationships with God-fearing role-models are built along with friendships with other students going through this momentous phase of life.  The class also goes on outings including laser tag, lock-ins, and holiday parties to encourage fun friendship building.

Middle Mania is a spiritual, Biblical, vibrant, fun and safe environment for the students to develop a very real, individual walk with our Lord Jesus.

Classes are held every Sunday at 10:00 AM in the Middle Mania Room. For more info, please contact the church office.